The Times - 27/8/1968
Musicians announce boycott
Thirty-four of the world's leading musicians yesterday protested against the invasion of Czechoslovakia.
The protest read: "The occupation of the Republic by the five nations of the Warsaw Pact is a violent contradiction of the 
humanitarian ideals we have as artists.
"Until all foreign soldiers have withdrawn from Czechoslovakian territory and the legal government of the C.S.S.R. is free 
to govern again, it is impossible for us to keep artistic relations with these five nations and Czechoslovakia."
It was signed by Claudio Abbado, Claudio Arrau, Daniel Barenboďm, Clifford Curzon, Dean Dixon, Rudolf Firkusny, 
Marius Flothuis, Andor Foldes, Wolfgang Fortner, Pierre Fournier, Carlo-Maria Giulini, Friedrich Gulda, Bernard Haitink, 
Eugene Jochum, Paul Kletzki, Dr. Otto Klemperer, Rafael Kubelik, Ferdinand Leitner, Nikita Magaloff, Enrico Mainardi, Frank Martin, 
Jean Martinon, Yehudi Menuhin, Nathan Milstein. Charles Munch, Jacqueline Du Pré, Fritz Rieger, Mario Rossi, Artur Rubinstein, 
Wolfgang von Schneiderhan, Georg Solti, Isaac Stern, Igor Stravinsky, and Sir William Walton.

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