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Concerts and recordings by Kubelík:
The list


This is a work in progress, based on the work of M. Otani from Japan. 
The purpose is here to maintain this list and to update it the most accurently possible. 
Contributors are mentioned in the list in the last column.
Many links appear towards pictures, programs, aso

The list Click to Download the Excel file (Excel file)

Here the list of his studio recordings

A 'Google earth' survey of world concert halls

A special tribute to :

M. Ramon Khalona, who established the CSO list, with the help of Ms. Brenda Nelson-Strauss and her assistants, Mr. Frank Villela and Ms. Alison Hinderliter at the Chicago Symphony's Rosenthal Archives
(complete list of Kubelk at the head of the Chicago symphony orchestra - included in  the "list")

Ms. Tuula Frische, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Dr. Silvia Kargl, Historisches Archiv der Wiener Philharmoniker

Ms. Libby Rice, archivist at the London symphony orchestra

Ms. Astrid Reinol from The Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra Office

M. Richard Wandel, Associate Archivist at the New York Philharmonic Archives

Ms. Bridget Carr, archivist at the Boston Symphony orchestra

M. Erich Singer from the Luzern festival

Mrs Rachel Hayes, Archives Officer - Royal Opera House Collections

Mrs Amy Dankowski, Archivist - Cleveland orchestra

M. Marloes Biermans - Concertgebouw orchestra

Ms Florence Alibert - Directrice du Marketing et du Mcnat
Orchestre de Paris

M. Avivit Menahem - Archivist at the Israel Philharmonic orchestra

Mrs Nicole Cerrillos Philipp - Director Media relations - Pittsburgh symphony orchestra

M. Andreas Maul - Leiter Dramaturgie und Kammerkonzerte - Hessischer Rundfunk







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