I had a wonderful experience with Kubelík in New York. We went backstage after an afternoon Bruckner concert with the Philharmonic. We only intended to say a few words but when he learned we were musicians he asked us if we could stay. Would we wait until he had greeted the other well wishers? Eventually he sat and talked with us for nearly half an hour. He was very humble and critical of the performance. He was intent to have our feedback, asking about how we had felt specific passages had worked in the performance. He blamed himself, rather than the orchestra, for any problems. He chided himself for absentmindedly using gestures that would have been understood in Munich but might have confused the New York orchestra. It was surprising that he made himself so vulnerable to strangers and I realized what an easy target he must have been for those who took advantage of him in Chicago and at the Metropolitan Opera. The Bruckner was glorious, in spite of his many apologies.
Rob Linder - Member of he Metropolitan chorus

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