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FrÚdÚric Chopin 
Concerto pour piano n░2
Marian Filar
SOBR - 15/10/1971

Ce pianiste juif d'origine polonaise faillt pÚrir dans les camps. Il fut prÚsentÚ Ó KubelÝk Ó Prague ; celui-ci impressionnÚ par le talent de ce pianiste qui n'avait quasiment pas jouÚ depuis cinq ans.. Il lui paiera une chambre d'h˘tel. Ils interprÚtaront ensembleles deux concertos de Chopin Ó Chicago et donc encore ue fois le 2e Ó Munich. Du grad piao, avec des tempi un peu lents.

[...] Filar was liberated, but his parents and sister Helen had all been killed by the end of the war. Soon after gaining his freedom, he and his brother went to Prague, where the city was being accommodating to refugees. Filar was thrilled to see a poster announcing a concert, and upon hearing that the conductor was the son of violinist Jan Kubelik, he went to the rehearsal and afterwards introduced himself to Rafael Kubelik. He was invited to play for him at his home a few days later, at which time Filar played the Chopin E Minor Concerto all the way through – from memory and without having had access to a piano for five years (except a brief session a few weeks earlier). The conductor was not only impressed but expressed true concern for the pianist’s well-being, making a phone call on the spot that enabled him to have an unlimited stay at a hotel in the city. (from
Superb piano, tempo a little slow.


Concerto pour piano n░2
Clara Haskil
SociÚtÚ des concerts du Conservatoire - 31/01/1960 - Living Stage (previously released by Montaigne and others)

Clara Haskil and Rafael Kubelik

On l'attendait depuis longtemps cet enregistrement mythique, quand on sait en quelle estime la pianiste tenait KubelÝk. Le son est ancien, le piano privilÚgiÚ et les basses trop importantes. Grande chaleur dans la direction, qu'il serait intÚressant de comparer avec la rÚcente "re-crÚation" de l'œuvre par K. Zimmerman. Le Larghetto est un pur moment de poÚsie, le charme, la fluiditÚ de la pianiste Útant magnifiquement mise en valeur par l'accompagnement.

KubelÝk did not accompany Haskil very often (as far as we know : the other Chopin concerto and Mozart's 24th), but they knew each other very well. The interpretation is splendid and you can feel the pianist's magnetism, much more than in most of her piano concerto official recordings. Of course the accompanient is superb.

With C. Haskil & L. Bertlova (from DVD Arthaus)


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